Photo Update!

What a great week at camp! The temperatures have dropped, so everyone is enjoying the warm (not molten hot) weather. We were lucky to host the Chicago Fire during the a.m. rotations on July 25th. The guest coaches came fully prepared to teach soccer drills and games – I was jealous I didn’t get a chance to work with these talented coaches! I did, however, sneak one of my favorite soccer drills into my ultimate frisbee rotation.

I learned this game at college. The rules are as follows: Everyone runs around in a contained space. When the coach calls out a number, the camper must strike the corresponding pose. #1 was push-up position. #2 was foreheads on the ground. #3 was “feet-up” where girls sit and hover their feet off the ground. #4 was “star pose.” As the coach calls out numbers, girls get into the corresponding pose as fast as possible. If they do the wrong pose or are the last to get into the pose, they’re out. The last woman standing is the winner!

What started as a desperate time-filler turned into a really successful game. We realized that we needed one more game to fill our 45 minute rotation, and the new activity fit perfectly. Even coaches got into the action! I didn’t have a name for the game, but a Team 1 camper suggested “Dance Attack.” The game doesn’t involve dancing or attacking, but I liked it nonetheless.

In the Development Office, things are busy as usual. I have been going through hundreds of camp pictures and wanted to share some of my favorites with you! I’ll be sure to add more soon!


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