Camp Success Stories: Mahogany

This was Mahogany’s first Girls in the Game summer camp and she came to camp the first day as most new campers do- a bit quiet. But after a few days Mahogany jumped right into the camp atmosphere, especially during health and leadership. She contributed to every discussion about body image, healthy eating and peer pressure with her own experiences, thoughts and ideas. She was immediately showing the foundations of being a good leader but it wasn’t until overnight camp that she showed her true colors when it came to her courage and leadership.  When one of Mahogany’s teammates was having a hard time on the last day of camp because of some comments made by her friends, Mahogany  pulled her aside and talked to her about the teammate’s special qualities and why she is a good friend to Mahogany. It was an excellent of example putting leadership skills into practice and going above and beyond. At the end of camp Mahogany asked one of the junior counselors  about how she might be able to be a counselor at Girls in the Game one day. If she  keeps doing what she’s doing  she will be a great Girls in the Game counselor!

-Coach Lisa


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