Camp Success Stories: Jayme and Coach Alecia’s Reflections

Jayme  came to Girls in the Game all the way from out of state. Her mom thought it would be nice for Jayme to spend some time with her aunt. Her aunt then found Girls in the Game on the web and thought it was a great chance for Jayme to gain some leadership skills and to interact with other young girls her age. With the help of our mission Jayme was welcome to come and spend the summer with myself and the other coaches of our team. When camp was over and I was asked to write about a camper who has grown, my mind went straight to Jayme. I think that it is so amazing how much Jayme grew within a month. The first day of camp, Jayme was very quiet and scared to be there and to do all the rotations. Encouragement and enthusiasm from the coaches and other campers helped Jayme to open up and have the courage to speak out and be her own person, try new sports and activities, and interact with the other campers. After a couple of weeks, there started to be a change in Jayme that was easy to notice. Jayme became outspoken, helpful, and one who was still nervous but still tried everything that was going on at camp. The lessons and activities at the Girls in the Game summer camp made a difference in Jayme that made her leadership and active personality come out. The Girls in the Game camp has really evolved Jayme into the leader and athlete she is today and now she has the tools to continue to be that leader and athlete and maybe even inspire future young girls to be as amazing as she is. To come from another state, adjust and to grow so much is such a big accomplishment for Jayme and I am so proud and thankful to have been present to see this happen.

-Coach Dezzare

Reflections From a Coach

This summer has been awesome. I had so many different personalities on my team. So many of those girls improved and grew as a person. It’s not just one person I can pin point because so many girls grew this summer on my team. Being able to see a girl come into camp with low self-esteem and being timid then by the end of camp being the chatter box of the team was great to see. Or the smallest girl on my team being scared to do archery because the bow is bigger than she is, but remembering the five finger contract and being committed to herself and trying, then at the end doing awesome in it. I can keep going on and on about the growth I’ve seen this summer. This is my seventh year at camp and I never get tired of seeing the girls improve and grow mentally and physically and experiencing them make me excited to come back each summer.

-Coach Alecia



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