Size Is Just a Number by Andria

Today we are diverting from our normal blog entries to share the thoughts and artwork of one of our Teen Squad members. Andria recently entered this artwork into the Walgreens Expressions Challenge. We loved her piece so much, we asked her to write a brief blurb about what it means to her! So without further ado, here is Andria’s “Size Is Just a Number”!


“This drawing is a depiction of my acceptance. It wasn’t until just recently I began accepting who I am, and because of that I want to share my message in body image. Everyone is different, whether that be based off height, size, or race; but that does not cancel out your beauty. Our Andriadifferences are what make an individual unique and beautiful. It is a known fact that the media plays a major role in distorting the meaning of beauty. But I believe that weight shouldn’t be associated with the measure of someone’s value. Size is only a number; be confident in who you are and the greatness that you can accomplish!”

Thank you Andria for creating and sharing this awesome message! All of us at Girls in the Game are so proud of you!


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