I Think This Must Be Teamwork by Meghan Morgan

IMG_0055This is the first year that my 3-year-old, Patrick, is really getting into Christmas. He was particularly excited about decorating our tree or “making it fancy” as he described it. When the time came, he brought his little step stool into the living room to expand his reach, and we went to work. He was busy hanging all of the ornaments he liked best front and center while I worked on spreading the rest of them around a bit.

“Mommy?” he said, after a short time. “I think this must be teamwork.”

It was cute, and I agreed with him that yes, it was teamwork. We high-fived and continued to make the tree fancy.

I was thrilled that he recognized the concept of teamwork, of working together to accomplish something. Teamwork is a fairly easy concept when confined to the sports field – passing the ball and aiming for the same goal so that your team succeeds and you win the game. But it’s more important that that same lesson is applied off the field. That’s what really matters.

Triathlon (5)- 7.26.14
Cheering on teammates during the Youth Triathlon

At Girls in the Game, we teach those lessons. Over and over. And it’s not limited to sports. It’s one of the reasons why our programs are integrated, why we would never run a basketball activity without also teaching lessons on health and leadership. We aren’t preparing girls to be strong female athletes. We’re preparing them to be strong females.

We know our program is working when girls perform better in the classroom. When they successfully work on a school project together and when they cheer just as loud for the last girl in the last group of a relay.

Girls in the Game is only able to achieve that success because of teamwork. Our staff, our Board and Advisory, interns and volunteers, parents, donors and participants all work together to ensure that girls grow up strong and confident, ready to lead. Thank you for being part of our team. We hope you and everyone on your team has a winning holiday season.

Girls In The Game 03resize


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