Last Year’s Resolution by Jess Larson

Last week on New Years Eve, we gave you our Top 10 “small” moments of last year. To continue that theme this week, we want to both look back on 2015 and ahead to 2016. Are you ready?

In 2015, the Girls in the Game staff resolved to blog more frequently and consistently. We wanted to be able to tell the story of what goes on behind the scenes at Girls in the Game. And, looking back, I think we’ve done an amazing job! Here are our most popular blog posts from the past year in case you missed any of these awesome stories.

  1. Their Lost Voices by Meghan Morgan

FullSizeRenderWhen Jane eats, it can only be described as a celebration of food. It’s a full contact event. Most of what Jane does is full contact. She launches herself with abandon into whatever she feels at that moment. I love it.

  1. REACH by Mary Banker

“Because of this all-girl, non-competitive environment Girls in the Game reaches more obese and overweight girls over other programs. There it was, our REACH. All girls from all different walks, from all different talent levels, together realizing who they are on the inside, through sports, fitness, nutrition and leadership education.”

  1. Nothing But Net by Laura Sullivan

Lawndale Hoop“The basketball hoops I played on growing up and the hoop in North Lawndale are the same. The sport itself and the power it can have are universal. This is exactly why I was drawn to Girls in the Game. I jumped at the chance to spread the power of sport because I knew how much it could impact a young girl. I knew this because at one point I was that young girl; sports have shaped me into the individual I am today”

  1. There Is No Finish Line by Mary Banker

“You are who you are at this moment not who you were 30 years ago. You are where you are right now in your accomplishments not what you accomplished thirty years ago”

  1. Grateful by the Girls in the Game Staff

Pershing1“I am thankful for a place I can call home when so many people right now don’t remember what having a home feels like anymore. I am also thankful I am surrounded by so much love and support both at work and in my personal life that has allowed me to do and experience some incredible things this year.”

It’s great to see how far we’ve come in 2015 to gain inspiration for 2016. And we’re already sprinting full speed ahead! Our coaches are back in the office ready to start season two of After School programming this week. Our 21st Anniversary Field of Dreams Gala happens in February. Teen Squad is headed towards new Leader to Leader interviews and even an upcoming rock climbing adventure! And here at the blog we’ll continue to tell Girls in the Game’s story as we expand and grow in 2016.

What was your favorite blog post of 2015? What stories would you like to read from Girls in the Game? We’d love to hear from you!

Out 2015 word cloud!

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