LIFT by Mary Banker

Last week I witnessed an interaction in our office between two other Girls in the Game staff. Time slowed down for me as I watched Meagan walk into the development office, approach Essie, and give her a high five.

“That looks amazing,” Meagan exclaimed, referring to something Essie created for the After School program. Essie smiled, thanked her and went back to her work.

This interaction was simple. I love simplicity but, like a lot of people, I am guilty of making my life more complicated at times.  I see it a lot as a coach. The athletes over analyze a drill or a race to the point of self-implosion. I see it within working relationships. People withhold praise or don’t promote someone because they are too talented. I see it in friendships. A text taken the wrong way which creates a spiral of emotions leading to a lack in communication and hurt feelings.

Moments like the one I witnessed between Essie and Meagan remind me what matters. When I see one athlete help steer a fellow athlete back to believing in their own ability and trusting themselves I am reminded of what matters. When I am blessed with time to watch our teen squad girls lead programming for the younger girls I am reminded of what matters. What matters is that we lift each other up.  All the rest is noise.Lift Pic

Meagan made a conscious choice to praise Essie for her great work. She didn’t have to, she could have just sat in her own office and emailed Essie to confirm she received the information. But instead Meagan chose to get up and look a colleague in the eyes and say job well done. This seems like such an easy concept so why don’t we see a celebration of other’s successes more often? Sadly it often boils down to insecurity or a lack of emotional intelligence. If you believe in your position in life, your talents, your worth, your contribution celebrating others is not a hard concept. But if you are always on uneven ground, you’re not sure about yourself, your talents, your contribution you find yourself living in a world of fear and threat. How can you lift someone else up if you yourself are lying face down?

We can do so much more together if we advocate for each other, are kind to each other and respect one another. I watch this every day at Girls in the Game. It comes from the top down. Meghan Morgan has created a space and environment for each staff member to utilize their talents, for each of us to grow, and also for each of us to be part of a cohesive team that is so delicately woven. The Coaches do the same for the girls on a daily basis. They create a safe space for the girls to grow, learn new things, and have fun. There is beauty in a team working together so eloquently, this such beauty inspired me to write an earlier blog post about our staff called ‘Masterpiece’.

We will all fall down at some point, or have a bad day or just forget how special we are. My hope for each of us is that we are able to quiet all the noise so we can see clearly and never miss the opportunity to offer our hand when someone in life needs to be lifted up.


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