Addison Osta Smith | 100 Girls on the Infield

Today, we’re re-blogging another post from our friends over at Girls on the Infield and their awesome 100 Girls in the Infield Initiative. This story of #girlpower comes straight from the Girls in the Game hometown of Chicago!

screen-shot-2016-02-25-at-10-26-52-amName: Addison Osta Smith, @jrchefaddison

Addison Osta Smith captured our hearts from Episode 1 of MasterChef Junior’s fourth season and as the competition progressed, she proved herself to be the best junior home chef in America! As the first female (and youngest) winner of the show’s four seasons, Addison was not only a fiery personality in the kitchen, but a valuable teammate, strong leader and an inspiration to young home chefs everywhere!

5 Reasons Addison is Awesome

  1. Addison was joined in the finale by Avery Kyle, from Baton Rouge, La. and the pair were the first ever all female finale in the show’s history! At the beginning of the finale episode, Addison said, “This is the battle of the A’s…this is the battle of the nine-year-olds…this is the battle of the girls.”
  2. Addison won more challenges than any other competitor throughout the season.
  3. Thanks to Addison, there was no shortage of girl power on this season. From the beginning of the competition, Addison knew she had the chops to win, telling Gordon Ramsay, “I can go to the finale and then from there I’m going to win.”
  4. With her $100,000 prize money, Addison plans to open her own bakery, called Batter Up Bakery, combining her love for cooking and her love for baseball.
  5. After she won, Addison shared a heart-felt thank you on her Instagram page: “I can’t begin to thank all of my family & friends enough for their support and love. I am so grateful for this amazing experience, the friends I’ve made and everything I’ve learned. Anyone can cook, if you put your heart into it and give it everything you’ve got! Huge thank you to three extraordinary teachers @gordongram@grahamelliot @christinatosi and a big thank you to the whole #masterchefjuniorfamily!!!!!!”

Get to know more about Addison on her official MasterChef Junior page.

For further reading, check out the previous Girls in the Game blog post from one of our After School coaches about the influence of MasterChef Junior on our girls’ discussions about health, food and wellness!


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