What’s In a Name Tag? by Alecia Ivery

IMG_4141Summer Camp has officially begun! The Girls in the Game Sports and Leadership Summer Camp got off to a great start last week! Over 120 girls from around Chicago along with their high school camp counselors have come together for five weeks for sports, health and leadership. In celebration, here’s a reflection from Assistant Program Manager Alecia Ivery on the importance of our high school camp counselors.

“You can now put coach in front of your name” was a phrase I never thought would bring so much joy to one person. As we were gearing up for summer a few weeks ago, we had just wrapped up our Best Practices training for our summer camp counselors, most of whom are in high school. One of our coaches in particular was very excited because she was finally old enough to be a camp counselor with Girls in the Game after being a participant for many years.  The first day of training she came into the ballroom at Douglas Park where I greeted her and prompted her to fill out a name tag.

IMG_4227At any type of Girls in the Game programming, all of our coaches write the word coach followed by their first name on their name tags to help the girls remember both their names as well as the importance of their role. I saw she had forgotten to write coach, so I told her, “Remember you are a coach now so add coach to your name tag.” At that moment a big smile came across her face, and she asked me, “Can you believe I am finally a coach? I have been waiting for this for a long time!”

I could feel and relate to her excitement because it was the same excitement I had when I became a full-time staff member with Girls in the Game. At Girls in the Game, many of our summer camp counselors have been with us for a long time. Out of the fifteen counselors this summer, six of them were campers in our summer camp program themselves! Being able to see this cycle of leadership in action is incredible. I am excited to help nurture our awesome summer camp counselors this year and to continue the cycle of campers wanting to be future counselors and leaders!

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