A Coach in the Game by Luzhelena Mucino

When I first met Coach Margaret, I didn’t really know what I was walking into, but once I heard about what Girls in the Game and Teen Squad, I was instantly interested. Coming in, I thought I was going to get scholarship money and the chance to work with Girls in the Game, but I didn’t get just that. I had an amazing learning experience and met a variety of incredible female leaders. I even got the opportunity to meet famous female leaders at the Field of Dreams gala and at Leader to Leader Interviews. I wish Girls in the Game was something every girl could be involved in, whether being a coach or one of the participants. I have grown more confident in myself, and I hope that when girls leave the workshops they are more confident too.

Being in Teen Squad, I have had many opportunities I never imagined. I probably would have done fine in life without Girls in the Game. I’m sure I would have figured it out, but I would not be as educated about myself or what I am interested in. I found out that I love teaching, and as a senior on my way to college, it is reassuring to know I actually have a major in mind. I am considering a major in physical education and I hope to not only teach the curriculum, but also provide emotional support for students the way Girls in the Game does for their girls. Girls in the Game has changed me in more ways than I can imagine. Now I take every experience I have as a learning experience, even when I don’t feel like learning. I have discovered that there is always room for improvement and that I am a leader, even when I wasn’t sure about that before. Girls in the Game allowed me to grow into a more positive person and also helped me expand my knowledge. I am proud to say that I will always be a Girl in the Game.  

Luzy (far right) at a Leader to Leader Interview as a Teen Squad participant

This is what I read on my graduation from Girls in the Game. I meant every part of it, and I am very glad to say, two years later I am still actively working with Girls in the Game. Not only did Girls in the Game give me an amazing support system, but they have kept in contact with me. I am currently coaching with them in conjunction with Coach Across America, and I am now going into my second year of college with a major in Physical Education. At the end of my year of working with Coach Across America and Girls in the Game I will earn a teaching certificate and a scholarship. I would not have known about Coach Across America if it were not for the coaches at Girls in the Game. To think that this all started when I decided to become a member of Teen Squad in my high school lunch room! I feel like I am at home when I work with Girls in the Game. I love the message we send to girls everywhere and how true we are to our message.

In my speech I wrote “I probably would have done fine in life without Girls in the Game, I’m sure I would have figured it out”. This is the one part of my speech I take back; I have gained so much knowledge in myself and the world around me, knowledge through my experiences from working with Girls in the Game that I could not have found anywhere else but here. Girls in the Game does change girls’ lives; I know it does because it has changed mine. Girls in the Game has given me my voice, my strength and my confidence all through having fun and being active in our health and leadership programs. Girls in the Game helped mold me into the person I am today. Just like two years ago I am more than proud to say that I will always be a strong, happy and healthy Girl in the Game.


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