Our Commitment to Empowering Girls in 2017 by Girls in the Game Staff

At Girls in the Game, we are committed to empowering girls in 2017. Through sports, health and leadership we will continue to provide girls with safe spaces to find their strength and become gamechangers in their communities.

Members of our community share their personal pledges on how they will continue to support and invest in girls in the new year.

Members of Teen Squad leading stretches with Elementary School Girls.

“In 2017, I will help girls empower themselves by giving them the tools to grow, express themselves and learn in a creative, fun, and engaging way. I will approach our programming with openness and curiosity so that I can always learn from the girls as much (and probably more) than they learn from me. I will provide ways for girls to use their voices to advocate for their needs and wants, so that our programming can truly help cultivate a thriving generation of powerful, thoughtful, resilient, and confident girl leaders.”

-Elizabeth White, Teen Programs Manager


“My commitment to girls for the new year is to provide safe spaces for girls to be heard. I will work hard to lead a team of coaches who make listening a top priority and allow the voices of girls to guide our service to them.”

-Katherine Wajrowski, Partnerships and City Wide Initiatives Manager


“I’m committed to empowering girls by working to help them develop the tools they need to be their own advocates. As much as we adults can work to change the world around us, the best thing we can give girls is the confidence and ability to speak to their own issues, needs and desires. A girl with a powerful voice is a force to be reckoned with.”

-Jess Larson, Development Coordinator


I am committed to empowering girls in the 2017 by setting higher professional goals and modeling the healthy lifestyle practices we teach to the girls we serve.”

-Madie Anderson, Grants Coordinator


Meghan’s daughter Jane-already dressed like a Girl in the Game!

“In 2017, it is more important than ever for Girls in the Game to continue empowering girls to grow as leaders. We have a unique responsibility to not only help girls discover their own voices, but to elevate their voices so that more people are aware that girls are strong and capable of changing the world.

Personally, I take that responsibility very seriously and in 2017 I’ll continue to work hard to ensure that the needs of the girls we serve remain the deciding factor when making decisions and determining Girls in the Game’s future growth. And while I’m not sure my 2-year-old daughter, Jane, needs any help elevating her voice, I’ll do my best to ensure that she never feels her voice or her opinion matter any less because she’s a girl.”

-Meghan Morgan, Chief Operating Officer

What is your commitment to empower girls in 2017? We’d love to hear from you! Please comment below or tag us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook @GirlsintheGame. Let’s share our commitments to changing our community one girl at a time.


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