The Courage of Connecting Across Chicago by Katherine Wajrowski

One of our big priorities here at Girls in the Game is serving girls ‘citywide’ throughout Chicago. This means providing opportunities for girls from various areas of the city to attend events where they get to play with girls with whom they might not otherwise interact. Girls in the Game has the privilege of working with girls who live as far south as Roseland, as far north as Albany Park and in many other amazing communities in between.

We connect girls through one-time events, clinics, field trips and summer camps. This is an intentional choice on our part to foster interactions between girls with different backgrounds; be it race, culture, family structure, religion or the neighborhood they live in.

One of my favorite citywide event memories occurred when I first became an After School coach in 2012. A girl I coached at one school saw me high five a girl I coached at another school. Confusion took over her face as realized that I was Coach Katherine not only to her, but to other girls in the city. She exclaimed, “Hey that’s my coach! How do you know her?!” Apart from making her coach feel extra special, that one moment stands out because it allowed her to feel a part of something really big.

Here are some examples of quotes you might overhear at a Girls in the Game citywide event. At Girls in the Game, we value diversity and believe in providing spaces for connecting conversations to occur.


Consider what kind of connecting conversations you can have this year. As we begin 2017, let us remember that it takes courage to leave our comfort zones, but learning from those different than us will only add value to our lives and to life itself.


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