Why I Love Girls in the Game Summer Camp

One of our Summer Camp Junior Counselors and longtime Girls in the Game member, Rose, shares what she loves the most about Summer Camp and being involved in our programs. If you haven’t registered your daughter for Summer Camp this year, make sure to do so this week! Our Open Houses are next week, and you can email Coach Alecia for more information: aivery@girlsinthegame.org


Name: Rose
Age: 18
Favorite Sport: Softball
Started Girls in the Game: 10-years-old

What is Your Favorite Memory from Girls in the Game?

I think my favorite memory from Girls in the Game has to be all the times I went to overnight camp and was in charge of the tie dye rotation but also going toad hunting with the girls since some of them have never seen a toad.

If Another Girl Asked You to Explain Girls in the Game, What Would You Say?

If I had to explain Girls in the Game to another girl I would say that Girls in the Game is the most welcoming, nonjudgmental, and supportive organization which greatly impacted my life but it’s also a place where I am able to teach younger girls about sports, health and leadership and make sure they feel supported and part of a team just like I was when I was a participant.

How Has Girls in the Game Made You a Better Leader?

Girls in the Game has made me a better leader by teaching me how to work within a team and to communicate with my peers which has helped me with working in groups in school since I am comfortable taking the lead when needed but also letting my peers have an opportunity to be a leader as well.

How Has Girls in the Game Helped You In and Outside of School?

Girls in the Game has helped me in school and out of school by teaching me that my voice matters. Girls in the Game has also helped me by all the support I received which greatly increased my nonexistent confidence and self-esteem.

Why Did You Decide to Join Girls in the Game?

I decided to join Girls in the Game because it seemed like such a welcoming environment and I wanted to make new friends.


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