Throwback Month: A Camper’s Story

At Girls in the Game, August is our “Throwback Month” to tell stories of alumnae, dig through old photos of our programs and see how far we’ve come. As we prepare for our new logo launch next month, we are excited to share where we started and how we continue to adapt to the needs’ of our girls and their communities. Follow our stories on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!

Name: Nichole Witter-Graham
Occupation: Clinical Coordinator for Lemak Health
Three Words that Describe Girls in the Game: Encourage. Empower. Leadership.


When did you start Girls in the Game? 

I started Girls in the Game when I was an 8-year-old camper. My mother had seen flyers around the neighborhood for an all-girls camp. She was so thrilled that there was an organization out there geared toward empowering young girls.

What was your favorite part of being in Girls in the Game?

I would say my favorite part about Girls in the Game is the environment. It felt so freeing to be in a space where I could be my own! I felt that I had so many amazing older girls and young women to look up to that I could aspire to be one day.

Why do you think Girls in the Game is important for girls in Chicago?

I think Girls in the Game is important in Chicago because it gives girls a safe space to be who they want to be. In our world today there is so much negativity, body shaming and so-called standards on “how to be.” I think young woman who are enduring this in our generation need a place that tells us each and everyday that we are okay to be ourselves, and that we are enough to make a difference in ourselves

How has Girls in the Game impacted your time in college and since college graduation?

Girls in the Game has helped me to remember that all things are possible if you believe in yourself. I was able to carry this with me through college and into my transition after undergrad. Since then I have continued to remember the strong women leaders I met in my life and how I can become one of them. This could not have been accomplished if it wasn’t for the positive exposure Girls in the Game shared with me!

What is your current profession and future goals for your career?

I am the Clinical Coordinator for Lemak Health in Prattville, AL. My career goal is to get back into Athletic Training in a collegiate setting. I would like to move back to Chicago to be able to help impact the lives around me in an athletic and leadership way.




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